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Tips for Vacuuming Your Carpet

Vacuuming your carpet is an essential part to maintaining your carpet and extending it life.  Below are some tips brought to you by Guardian Carpet Cleaning.

Minimize the mess – The less dirt that enters your home, the less your vacuum will have to pick up. Lay mats at entrances and impose a no-shoe policy to prevent filth from being tracked indoors. Also, dust furniture, blinds, and window sills before you vacuum, so the vacuum will pick up fallen particulates.

Stick to a schedule – Weekly vacuuming is sufficient for most parts of the home. High-traffic areas may need to be hit more frequently, and daily vacuuming is recommended if you have heavy-shedding pets.

Make multiple passes – With each pass of the vacuum, a bit more of the deep down dirt is collected.

Don’t overfill bags – On many upright vacuums, the hose feeds into the bag about a quarter of the way from its top. As a result, you’re best off replacing the bag after it’s one-half to two-thirds full. This will maintain maximum suction and prevent particles from being emitted back into your home.

Spot-treat spills – Speed is critical when treating stains. Blot spills with a clean cloth towel or paper towel. Use Guardian Carpet Cleaning spotter. If you are out, contact us today to have another bottle delivered to your door.

Maintain the vacuum – Clean the filter and the rotating-brush supports. Worn brushes tend to stiffen, which can cause texture change to carpets. Inspect the cord periodically and replace it if its cover is damaged. If you’re buying a new vacuum, check our reliability data to see which brands are the most and least repair-prone.

Deep Clean – Contact Guardian Carpet Cleaning today for a FREE estimate and let our uniformed and trained technicians deep clean your carpet.

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