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Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair

pet hair

We all love our pets but our little friends can sure leave a mess behind when they shed.  After much trial and error, we came up with a few tips that have helped our household and we hope it will help yours.

  • Cover-Ups – Cover the surfaces your pet uses frequently with blankets and area rugs. The more hair left behind on items that can be machine washed will mean less hair in your carpeting and furniture.  Less hair means less wear and tear on your vacuum cleaner, too.
  • Vacuum Often – It might not be your favorite activity to do but we promise it will make a huge difference in the amount of pet hair that you find floating under the furniture with the dust bunnies.  Check and empty your vacuum bag regularly.  They have a tendency to fill up quickly with all the pet hair that gets picked up.  Pet hair can get tangled up in the beater brush so check that every so often to make sure it’s clean.
  • Keep a lint brush handy – Before heading off to work, I always stop and use the lint brush I keep next to the door.  No matter how hard I try, I always seem to find pet hair hiding somewhere on me.  I’m not alone, am I?
  • To remove pet hair from upholstered surfaces or bed linens, put on a pair of rubber gloves and slightly dampen them. Then run your hand over the surface—the hair will stick to the glove. Rinse off the glove when it’s full of hair and re-moisten as needed.

These pet hair tips are simple but effective.  We use them daily in our home to help keep the pet hair (and dust bunnies) under control.

When it’s time to have your home cleaned, give us a call. Guardian is here to help with cleaning your carpet, hardwood floors, and your tile.

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