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Mattress cleaning… Should You Clean Your Mattress?

Of course you should!  There are Dust Mites potentially living in your mattress not to mention all the allergens that are trapped in the fabric.


Dust mites are microscopic creatures that feast on flakes of dead human skin. Their feces contain a substance called DerP1, a very potent allergen. People who are allergic to dust mites may have asthma-like symptoms or chronic sinus problems.

Are your allergic to dust mites?  Ask yourself a few simple questions.  Do I have persistent sniffles and sinus headaches? Child SneezingDo I often wake up with scratchy eyes? Do I sneeze repeatedly first thing in the morning?  If you answered yes to any one of these, then there is a good chance you have an allergy to dust mites.

No matter how much you protect your mattress, mattress cleaning will eventually need to be properly done.  Your mattress gets dirty like everything else in your house.  The fabric breathes and therefore traps dust and other allergens.  Only through proper mattress cleaning can the dust and allergens be removed.

Things you can do in between deep cleanings to help preserve your mattress and limit the buildup of dust. First, vacuum the mattress on both sides and don’t forget to vacuum the box springs while you’re at it.  Another good idea is to use a mattress cover.

Did you know that your mattress is full of flakes of dead human skin? All humans shed their skin every 25-45 days according to leading skin scientists.  So that means you have skin renewal every 25-45 days.  However, what happens to the dead skin?  Well, a lot of it ends up in your mattress and bed clothing.  The dead skin is perfect food for dust mites.

How do I kill the dust mites?

Your bedding is easy.  Wash it in your washing machine with hot water.

Your furniture, carpet, and mattress will require a professional cleaner.  The water needs to be at least 130 degrees to kill the dust mites.  At Guardian, our patented cleaning system provides more than enough heat to completely rid your fabrics of dust mites.  Carpets should be cleaned yearly, furniture every 12-18 months, and mattresses can also go 12-18 months.  However, if you suffer from allergies, it is recommended that you have your items cleaned more frequently.  The less dust and dust mites that are in your house, the healthier the environment around you.

Contact us today for a FREE estimate on Mattress cleaning and ridding your home of dust mites and other allergens!

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