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Do You Offer Realtor Referral Program Discounts for Carpet Cleaning?

Saving money on vacant and realtor referralsYou Bet!  Our business is dependent on referrals just like yours.  We want to be your partner and serve your clients with the same quality and expertise you have been providing throughout their buying or selling process.  We believe that through our Realtor Referral Program, we can do just that.

As a someone who sells homes, you know the importance of the prospective client’s first impression when they walk into a home they are considering purchasing.  You have one chance to make that great first impression.  Studies have shown that the way the client perceives the carpet, the paint, and the odors in the house, gives them an immediate mental picture as to whether they will be truly interested in the home no matter how much you show them the awesome amenities the home offers.

Pet odors can cause clients to walk out and lose interest instantly.  Carpets are giant air filters and can hold onto pet odors and other foul odors such a cigarette smoke and cooking odors.  Guardian Carpet Cleaning can remove these odors usually with a deep clean.  However, if needed, before spending thousands of dollars on new carpet, we have specialty treatments to remove the odors at a fraction of the cost to your client.

Now, we can’t help with the paint but the carpet and the odors, we can help create the perfect image for your client.   With our deep cleaning system and state of the art deodorizing treatment options, we are well positioned to meet and exceed your client’s expectations by revitalizing the look and smell of the carpet.

Our Realtor Referral Program is designed to offer great service, quality product, awesome pricing, and referral discounts for realtors, property managers, and real estate investors.  Vacant apartments and vacant homes are also provided discounted pricing through our RRP program.

Contact us today for more details about how Guardian Carpet Cleaning can help you close the sale or change that vacant apartment / house into a monthly revenue stream.   Our Realtor Referral Program is only available to licensed realtors and professional property managers, and property investment companies.  Be sure to let us know if you belong to one of these groups when calling so that we can provide proper pricing and advise the appropriate documentation we will require.

Guardian Carpet Cleaning
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