Sometimes Accident Happen

Every pet owner knows that sometimes accidents do happen.  These accidents can be embarrassing for you and your pet.  Unfortunately, the accidents have serious side effects that need to be dealt with quickly.  Not only do the accidents leave stains but they also leave behind bacteria which cause the pet odors that you smell.  Removing the odor can be a frustrating and challenging process for the homeowner.  That’s why Guardian specializes in providing a carpet cleaning pet odor removal service.  We can remove the odor and stains that were created by those unfortunate accidents.

Pet Odor Removal Service

Removing severe pet smell or odor requires a very direct treatment with our proprietary odor treatment system that can removes odors and stains that standard cleanings and deodorizers can not touch.


We provide two options when dealing with pet odors and pet urine.

Option 1: We use a specially formulated topical spray that is applied as a pre-treatment to the spot or stain and to the entire room that is impacted then extracted with our patented hot water extraction process that removes the urine, odor, and spray.  Most of the time this approach is enough.  However, this is a topical spray and does not deal with any urine that might have soaked into the padding and backing of the carpet.

Option 2: For those deep down urine neutralization, it is required to soak the area then extract.  Our specially formulated solution attacks the spot with a high pH treatment that helps release the yellow discoloration caused by the urine.  An enzyme is added to our multi-part process that attacks and neutralizes the odor-causing bacteria left behind by the urine. Once the solution has set for the appropriate amount of time, we use a patented process to rinse and remove the solution and neutralized urine.  This option works great for spots but if a whole room is impacted, removal of the padding is usually the only option.

These processes can be combined with carpet cleaning or furniture cleaning or as stand alone process.  We are here to serve you and help you clean up those little accidents that sometimes occur.

Why can’t I use a spotter from my local pet store?

Commercial odor and stain removers purchased at the local grocery or pet stores can sometimes do more harm than good.  Most of these products require the homeowner to spread the removers to the point of saturation.  Without being properly rinsed and the solution removed, this saturation can lead to mold or mildewing of the carpet and possible make the stain worse!  Each stain is different and needs to be evaluated by trained personnel who can determine the appropriate process to remove the spot or stain.  Guardian technicians are specifically trained in the proper procedure of evaluation, treatment, and rinsing to ensure your odor causing bacteria and stain are gone.

We also have a spot remover specially designed to encapsulate the odor causing bacteria and which helps prevent the stain from coming back.  With every pet odor job we do, we leave a bottle of our spotter with you to help treat any other accidents that might occur.

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