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Do you ever ask yourself if it is safe to clean your carpets or are consumer looking for a green carpet cleaning?

Is It Ok To Clean My CarpetIt’s a question I get quite frequently when I am talking to people about their carpets or even their furniture. Everyone is or should be worried about the safety of their family and who they are trusting to allow in their house. It is a question that should be asked no matter who you hire to clean your carpets. Is your process safe for my family and pets?

In the not so distant past, a lot of companies used harsh chemicals into peoples homes to clean the carpet. In recent times, people have become more conscientious about what they cook with, what they wear, and what they clean with. We all have become more health conscious which I believe is a good thing.  So why let someone in your house who will be using potentially harsh chemicals?

Rest assured that at Guardian Carpet Cleaning, we take all this into consideration when cleaning your home. We are always on the look out for new and better ways to clean. We do not use any process that is not friendly to the environment and we let our suppliers know not to show us anything new unless it fits into promoting a greener environment.

All of the owners and employees here at Guardian Carpet Cleaning know the importance environment friendly habits are. After all, we are mothers, fathers, and grandparents. If we would not want it in our house, you can be confident that we will not bring it into your home.  Your total satisfaction is our number one priority.  We want to be your partner in maintaining your investments in your carpet.


Guardian Carpet Cleaning
83 Pine Grove Rd
Locust Grove, GA 30248

We proudly serve the following cities and counties:

Locust Grove, GA
McDonough, GA
Hampton, GA
Jackson, GA
Griffin, GA
Stockbridge, GA

Henry County GA
Butts County GA
Spalding County GA
Clayton County GA

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