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It’s springtime and it’s time to start thinking about projects around the house that have been put off all winter.  One such item is cleaning your carpets. Before hiring a carpet cleaner, you need to make sure you do the proper homework and make the best selection. Unfortunately, the Better Business Bureaus across the United States estimated nearly 2,000 complaints were filed against carpet cleaners in 2012.

Better Business Bureaus offer these tips to people in the market for a professional carpet cleaner:

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations for a professional carpet cleaner. If they’ve had success with a particular carpet cleaner, there’s a good chance you will with that same company.
  • Find out basic information about the carpet cleaners before pursuing them. Be sure to ask if the company is insured or bonded.
  • Always ask questions regarding their service and what the pricing includes.  Ask if workers will move furniture, how long it will take to dry, and if there are extra charges for heavily soiled areas where pre-treatments or spot cleaning may be necessary.
  • Be sure you get the estimate in writing along with any additional conditions that have been negotiated.
  • Ask if the carpet cleaning company guarantees their work.
  • If you have a new stain, you can call your carpet cleaning company for advice before you try do-it-yourself methods or over the counter products. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the carpet cleaning processs
  • Review your carpet warranty before you have professional cleaning work performed. Be advised that certain types of cleaning products and equipment may void your warranty.
  • Carpets will look better and last longer if you have them cleaned regularly. Carpet manufacturers recommend annual cleaning. A reputable cleaning company will provide excellent results.
  • Remember that price does matter. While no one wants to be overcharged, extremely low prices should also set off warning signals. Companies advertising very low prices may be practicing ‘bait and switch’ advertising. Once the workers arrive in your home, they quickly push a more expensive treatment for the cleaning or refuse to conduct the cleaning at the price advertised. Ask exactly what is included in the price and be sure to get it in writing before the crew begins any work.
  • Ask your technician ahead of time what they do or do not move or if there are any extra charges for this service.
  • Try to be at home the first time you work with a new carpet cleaning company. Be sure to identify trouble spots before they arrive and point those out to your technician.
  • If a business offers a service or satisfaction guarantee, be sure to ask them to explain how they define “guarantee”.
  • If a spot reappears after cleaning or there is any other problem with the cleaning, you should call within two weeks and a reputable company will address the problem.
  • Ask the cleaning company if they subcontract any work. If they do, ask for the name of the company conducting the work in your home so you have an opportunity to research that company before you agree to the service.

Once you have the answers to the above questions, you’ve selected a professional carpet cleaner! Congratulations!  Next, schedule your appointment and prepare the rooms for cleaning. Move items such as pictures, vases, and small items from the furniture that will be moved.  We also suggest moving smaller items from the floor that may get in the way of cleaning.

Now relax, we will take care of the rest.

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