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Housekeeping Tips and Carpet Cleaning McDonough GA

housecleaning We all do it.  We put off vacuuming, dusting, and picking up around the house.  Here are some things you can try to help keep your house looking good.

1. Develop a routine for cleaning

The daily “10 minute” Speed Clean – Work in a logical order and quickly clean each room as you go.  Now of course, this is not a deep cleaning.  This is stuff like pick-up clothes, wipe out sinks, pick up any litter, then finish with a vacuum.  This not only will make the house appear “clean”, it will hold you over till you can do the thorough cleaning.  Set a schedule for the Speed Clean.  I like to do this first thing in the morning right before I leave the house.  It’s quick and makes the home feel good to come home to.

On the weekends, I really get down and dirty.  I have my routine down to about 2 hours on Saturday morning.  I start in the bedroom bath and then clean in a logical order moving from room to room till I finish in the kitchen.

2. Stay focused

It’s very easy to become distracted.  The phone rings, a good television show or movie is starting, or a friend comes over to chat.  It is very important that you stay focused at the task at hand so that the job goes quickly and you can have time to enjoy other things rather than worrying about cleaning.  There’s more to life than worrying about cleaning so stay on task and it will be through before you know it.

3. Clean as you go

This is the one area that I think we all can improve in.  It drives me nuts to watch people cook and not clean as they go.  Inevibly, they will complain at the end of the meal about not wanting to clean the kitchen and oh what a mess it is.  If you clean as you go, the mess at the end is minimal and can be taken care of in less than 15 minutes TOPS! Here are some other things you can do and are some good tips for all of us:

  • Throw empty packages or food scraps away as you prepare your dinner.  No need in letting it all pile up.
  • Clean out the shower while you are taking a shower
  • Wipe the sink out after brushing your teeth
  • Put dirty dishes directly in the dishwasher instead of piling them up in the sink
  • Don’t wait to clean the dinner table, do it right after you are finished
  • Put the laundry in the washer before breakfast.  After breakfast, it will be ready for the dryer
  • Start the dishwasher as soon as it is full or if you have a timer function, I like to set it to wash during the night then unload in the morning
  • While pumping gas in your car, clean the litter and other trash out.  The service stations are nice enough to put a can conveniently right next to the pump.
  • Sort your mail and throw away the junk instead of piling it on the table to “do later”.  That pile can become quite overwhelming

4. Call in the professionals

Every home needs a deep professional cleaning at least every 12 – 18 months.  The professionals can have home looking new again by cleaning and protecting your carpets, tile, and hardwood floors.  Deep cleaning these surfaces will help keep down dust and other allergens during the year.  Plus, let’s be honest, it just feels good to look at your floors when they are freshly cleaned.  🙂

Guardian Carpet Cleaning
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Locust Grove, GA 30248

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