You depend on Guardian Carpet Cleaning to clean your floors, why not your furniture?  Guardian understands your furniture is a large investment in your home and needs to be cared for just like your flooring. Our highly trained technicians are experts in cleaning your upholstery just as they are with cleaning your flooring.

We bring the latest highly effective technology in hot-water extraction cleaning methods to tackle even the dirtiest of furniture.  This method allows us to extract the deep down dirt without damaging your furniture.  You’ll be able to say goodbye to the dirt, dust and other pollutants that can collect in the fabric, the cracks, and crevices.  By doing so, you are providing your family a healthier environment as well as extending the life of your furniture investment.

Once on-site, our technicians will inspect the furniture for dirt, fabric wear, or any problem areas.  We will provide you with an analysis of our findings and recommend the best approach to cleaning your furniture.  We will deodorize and protect your furniture after the cleaning to ensure a fresh clean scent surrounds you and your fabric fibers are protected going forward from spills, dirt, and wear.  We will treat your furniture the same as we do our own.

Contact Guardian Carpet Cleaning today to schedule a thorough cleaning of your sofa, love seat, and chair.  We are waiting to hear from you so call soon.


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