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Foods That Fight Chronic Inflammation


From time to time, we come across information about eating healthy that we feel is worth sharing with you, our clients.  The latest article that pertains to foods that help fight chronic inflammation.

In small doses, inflammation can be a good thing – it helps your body fight injury and infection. But when it continues for a long period of time because the body is fighting off constant irritants, a condition called chronic inflammation can occur. It has been linked to diseases, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune diseases. Fortunately, many risk factors can be controlled.

Causes of chronic inflammation

“When you are eating an American or Western diet, your body gets taxed with all of the extra fats, sugars and processed foods that we eat,” explains Shayna Komar.

While you can get vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from these foods, the excess fats, oils and sugars can have a negative impact on your health by taxing your immune system.

“They are making our bodies work in overdrive all the time,” she says.

Over time, this process leads to the slow-growing inflammation throughout the body, which may increase your risk for serious diseases.

Unfortunately, “the big, red flag is when you get the disease,” says Komar.

However, there are many things you can do to reduce your risk of chronic inflammation, starting with your diet.

Anti-inflammatory foods

“There is a lot of power in your kitchen,” says Komar.

Fresh produce

“For anti-inflammation, you want to think red,” she explains.

Food like berries, cherries, red cabbage, red onion and red apples contain quercetin, a flavonoid (plant pigment) that fights inflammation.

Herbs and spices

Consider adding turmeric (a yellow Indian spice), thyme, oregano, basil and parsley to your dishes to boost flavor and inflammation-fighting properties.

“If you use a lot of herbs and spices, you’ll be cutting down on the fats and oils in your food,” says Komar. “You’ll also be getting a lot of chlorophyll and other anti-inflammatory properties.”

Healthy fat

Extra virgin olive oil is a healthy fat with an anti-inflammatory agent. When cooking with fat, avoid soybean and partially hydrogenated oils, as well as butter whenever possible.


Eat fish rich in omega-three fatty acids, such as salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and herring, on a regular basis.

More information at Health Watch

Read the complete article at Health Watch:

We hope that this information has been helpful.  Please share with friends and family as we all know someone who needs help with chronic inflammation of some type.

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