Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What method(s) do you use for carpet cleaning?

A: Guardian Carpet Cleaning uses a hot water extraction method for cleaning carpet, a process most commonly referred to as steam cleaning.  Guardian’s exclusive steam cleaning method removes the toughest, deepest dirt safely and gently.  Hot water with special water softeners and a specially formulated cleaning solution are injected deep within the carpet fibers to loosen dirt, oil, and allergens.  After a thorough cleaning, a powerful suction extracts deep-down dirt, allergens, cleaning solution and 95% of the moisture.  It’s the cleaning method most recommended by carpet manufacturers such as Mohawk and Shaw.

Q: How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

A: The carpet manufacturers such as Mohawk and Shaw recommend that you clean your carpets at least every 12 to 18 months. If the stains sit on the carpet for a long period, they will be harder to remove or may not be able to be removed at all.

Q: How often should I have my furniture cleaned?

A: If there are no spills, spots, or stains then regular furniture cleanings can be every 12 to 18 months.

Q: Should I vacuum before the technician arrives?

A: It is recommended but not required. Vacuuming will help to ensure you have removed the finer dust particles sitting on the top layer of your carpet surfaces. If you have pet’s, vacuuming will help to remove hair and dander from the top layer of the carpet.  Also, our equipment is vacuuming the carpet the entire time we are cleaning your investment.

Q: Do you move furniture?

A: Cleanings typically do not involve any heavy furniture moving unless requested.  However, there are a few items we do not move due to liability and risk. Please call or ask the technician before the cleaning process begins so that we can discuss any special situations and any additional charges may apply.

Q: Should I move anything?

A: Yes,  any small pieces of furniture such as dining room chairs, plants, end tables and any other small to medium furniture should be removed from the rooms being cleaned.  If we are cleaning the open carpet areas in a bedroom you may place small items on the bed. If you wish to have the beds or furniture moved please do not load them up with other furniture or items.

Q: How long will it typically take for my carpet or furniture to dry?

A: Our dry times typically range from 4 to 10 hours. Dry times can be affected by many factors including weather, humidity, and airflow to the area.  Using fans in any rooms cleaned and turning your air conditioning or heating system on, depending on the time of year, these actions can help accelerate drying time. Be sure to leave the protective blocks under furniture legs and any paper used with upholstered items in place until the carpet and/or furniture is completely dry to avoid any color transfer.

Q: How long before I can walk on the carpet after it has been cleaned?

A: You may walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, but avoid wearing street shoes, as they may re-soil your carpet. We suggest wearing clean rubber soled shoes. Be especially careful when walking from damp, carpeted areas on to non-carpeted areas to avoid slipping.

Q: Will your cleaning services help my allergies?

A: Yes. Having your carpet or furniture cleaned helps to remove pollutants and allergens from the deep fibers of your carpet, which helps those with allergies. Regular cleanings are especially good for those with pets or small children.

Q: What does Guardian consider an area or room?

A: An area is typically defined as a room up to 250 square feet.  Any one area over 250 but less than 500 sq ft is considered two areas. Non-standard areas such as baths, landings, halls, or walk-in closets are priced separately and usually at a lesser price as they tend to be small.

Q: Does cleaning my carpet make it soil faster?

A: This issue results from improper cleaning where the chemical being used has left a soapy residue.  Our specially formulated chemicals are cleaning process are designed to rinse completely and leave ZERO RESIDUE as to not attract dirt.

Q: Why do your prices higher than the $9.95 coupons or signs that I’ve seen advertise? (review the videos on the right side of page)

A: This is a very good question.  We suggest when comparing prices between Guardian and other cleaners, please make sure you ask the others a lot of questions as our services are all inclusive. Our prices include vacuuming, treating for spots, moving any light furniture, and a 10-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We do NOT have any hidden fees or charges.  We never sub-contract work.  Our technicians all have had background checks, drug tested, uniformed, and are trained professionals.  We stand behind our work with no questions asked.  If you are not satisfied, we will do everything within our power to make you satisfied.  We want to be your partner in maintaining your home and your investments.


Q: Why should I have protector applied to my freshly cleaned carpets and furniture?

Scotchgard ProtectorA: Protectors such as Scotchgard provide a layer of protection against dry dirt and spills by surrounding each carpet fiber in a protective coating but don’t worry, the fabric still feels natural.  There is no sticky or tacky residue.  In fact, with Scotchgard, you carpets and furniture will stay cleaner, longer since the dirt is repelled from the fiber and not allowed to embed. Your carpet comes from the factory pre-treated with protector.  It does wear off with time and Scotchgard recommends having it re-applied after cleaning.  From Scotchgard, ” the product should be applied after each cleaning of your carpet. Also, in high traffic areas, or where spills are most likely to occur, re-applying this product boosts the protection of the mill treatment.”


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