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Fall House Cleaning Tips

This month our families return to indoor entertaining for watching new shows, collegiate and professional football, and of course, Halloween.  Spring isn’t the only time to clean and organize the inside of your home.  Fall is the time to put up that summer sports gear and find that winter gear (snow blowers, shovels, etc…) your hid last spring.  We have listed a few fall house cleaning tips below.

Fall House Cleaning TipsA lot of families focus on the outside of the home during the fall months with tasks such as raking leaves, trimming bushes, and cleaning the gutters.  However, don’t forget the inside of your home as well.  Fall is also a good time to rid your house of the  summer dust and dirt buildup. Vacuum along the ceilings, walls, baseboards, and woodwork.  You’ll be surprised where dust and dirt have hidden itself over the summer.

As a family, you will spend more time indoors during the winter so why not have a fresh and clean home in which you can enjoy each others company.  Remember, the holiday season is just around the corner.  Before you know it, family and friends will be coming over for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Get a jump on it and start cleaning now.

With fall comes the foliage 

Entrance Mats: Reduce the amount of dirt and leaves that may get tracked into your home by using indoor and outdoor entrance mats at each doorway.  This will help keep your carpets and hardwood flooring clean.

Close Your Windows

I know, sounds silly right? However, when you are raking the leaves, mowing the grass, and doing other fall cleanup work outside, you will inevitably kick up dirt and dust that will come in your home via the open windows.  Close them up till after you are complete with the outdoor yardwork.


We recommend vacuuming your carpet two to three times a week and the rest of your flooring (tile, hardwood, etc…) at least once a week.

Clean Your Carpet and Furniture

Now is the time to have your carpet and furniture cleaned.  This not only will help your home look its best for the holidays, it also will help removing the allergens which came in during the summer.  Our team of experts are ready to help you with your fall house cleaning.  Call today to schedule your appointment.

Fall House Cleaning Tips brought to you by Guardian Carpet Cleaning

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