At Guardian Carpet Cleaning, we believe there’s more to caring for your carpet than cleaning it. You have worked hard and spent a lot of money investing in your home including your carpet and furniture.  This is why we also want to help you extend the life of your carpet and upholstery investment.  We believe carpet and upholstery protection is the key to long life of your carpet. To do so, Guardian offers an additional service of re-applying a factory recommended professional-strength carpet deodorizer and carpet protector with every carpet cleaning.

Scotchgard Protection | Guardian Carpet Cleaning McDonough Locust Grove GAGuardian Carpet Cleaning uses Scotchgard carpet protector.  Scotchgard is the industry leader in helping protect your carpet and upholstery by making your carpet and fabric resist dirt, spills, vacuuming, and everyday wear and tear. Scotchgard also reduces static electricity. Even though carpet is typically treated with carpet protection when it’s being made, that protection eventually weakens. It’s the inevitable outcome of daily foot traffic, vacuuming, and soil and dirt. At Guardian Carpet Cleaning, we recommend applying Scotchgard carpet protector after every cleaning. If your home has kids and pets, there’s no question you need extra carpet protection.

Guardian Carpet Cleaning also recommends having a deodorizer applied to your carpet.  Whether its kids, cooking, or pets, odors get brought into your house and trapped in your carpet and fabric.  We utilize the latest is chemical technology to eliminate odors from your home by applying a industry leading odor eliminator then deep cleaning your carpet.  After we are complete, there is only the smell of clean.  Remember, when it smells clean, it is clean!

Be sure to talk to your customer service representative or your on-site cleaning professional about adding Scotchgard protectant and deodorizer. Special package pricing applies when ordered together.


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