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Carpet Cleaning And Other Tips For Allergy Relief

allergies and allergy reliefIf you are an allergy sufferer like I am, then you know when hay-fever season hits, there is no hiding from mother nature and your are desperate for allergy relief.  Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet to alleviate all your allergies or bring 100% allergy relief. However, the best solution my family has found is to control your surroundings the best you can and follow some simple tips listed below.  These tips have made a big difference in the quality of our lives and provided allergy relief.

  1. Your carpet is one big air filter.  As the air in your house circulates, the carpet fibers trap all of the dust, pollen and other pollutants you, your children, and your pets bring in from outside.  We strongly recommended that your carpet be professionally cleaned a minimum of once a year but we recommend twice a year especially for people who have more severe allergies.  Studies have shown a dirty carpet is the #1 reason for allergies in the home.
  2. Change your air filters frequently in the air conditioning system.  During the worst times of the year (spring for my family), we leave the air conditioner fan in the “on” mode instead of the “auto” mode for a constant circulation of air.  This helps pull more of the dust and pollen out of the air thereby more allergy relief.
  3. Vacuum frequently using a quality hepa filter system or bag.
  4. Develop a routine for dusting.  Get rid of the dust and pollen lying around.
  5. Wear a pollen mask, use gloves and avoid touching your eyes and face while doing yard work especially during gardening or lawn mowing.
  6. Don’t use hair gel and similar hair-care products that can act as “pollen magnets” during the height of allergy season.  The pollen will find you quick enough without adding a magnet to your outfit.
  7. Clean your mattress.  Vacuum it on both sides but also have it professionally steam cleaned.
  8. For more information about allergies and allergy relief, check out the website for AAA&I

Guardian Carpet Cleaning can help you with your home cleaning and help with getting some allergy relief. We hope you found these tips helpful.  Give us a call and schedule an appointment today.

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