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Carpet Cleaning Scam AlertIt’s sad to say, but there are companies that are out there who only mission is to take advantage of the public.  The carpet cleaning scam or bait and switch has been around for a long time.  It seems to die down for a while but it always comes back in one form or another.  Once again, we have found an example of the elderly being scammed and wanted to share with our friends and customers in hopes that it will bring awareness.

Carpet Cleaning Scam Alert from LAKE PLACID –

Faye Hamilton thought she was getting a free carpet cleaning, but instead discovered roughly $400 missing from her bedroom.

The thieves have not been caught, but they apparently were masquerading as a carpet cleaning service. Hamilton was an unlucky victim of this con.

The 79-year-old Lake Placid woman was sitting inside her apartment on Feb. 4 when the doorbell rang. On the other side was a woman holding a flyer advertising a new business she was trying to open in town, according to Hamilton.

In an effort to spread the word, the woman offered to have Hamilton’s carpet cleaned, as well as one piece of furniture, at no cost.

Hamilton disregarded the “no soliciting” sign she had posted beside her door and said yes to what she thought was a complimentary service.

“It wasn’t free,” she said. “It cost me over $400.”

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