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Professional carpet cleaning Mcdonough GA

Avoid getting ripped offIf you are looking for professional carpet cleaning in Mcdonough Ga or the surrounding area, please be careful about how you choose your cleaner.  Unfortunately, there are companies out there who are intent on misleading you and even overcharging you for your carpet cleaning.  Avoid being ripped off by being an informed consumer. The Better Business Bureau and others call this a “Bait and Switch” type of business model. These companies lure the unsuspecting customer with a deal that is too good to be true (the bait) then sell the consumer over priced services once they are on-site (switch).

We’ve all seen their ads in our mailbox, flyers, or on the internet.  They advertise a price that is too good to be true.  One  example seen a lot is $9.95 per room or “whole house cleaning for $49”.  A true professional company cannot operate at those prices. That company will either try to upsell you once they have their foot in the door using deceptive and hard sell tactics for things that should be included in a professional cleaning or provide a far inferior service in order to get out of your house as quickly as possible, leaving your carpet soaked and not clean.  Either way, the consumer loses.

Don’t believe us?  Google this and see for yourself.  There are many complaints filed each year for this underhanded hard pressure selling technique.  Google Search Click Here

Why are we so passionate about this topic?

Why you ask?  I have personally seen these companies in action and have friends who have fallen victim to the rip off companies.  These types of businesses operate in all industries. I’m tired of seeing good people lose money and be taken advantage of by con artists.

Just the other day, I received a call from a relative who is out of state complaining to me about the price she was charged for carpet cleaning.  After asking a few questions, it turned out she had fallen victim to one of the “bait and switch” companies.  Their coupon was for a whole house cleaning for $49.00.  At the end, they handed my relative a $427.00 bill!!

As my relative was walking with the tech through the house showing the rooms to be cleaned, the tech asked “do you want this spot in the carpet removed?”.  Of course.  “What about this spot?” Of course.  In the end, he had charged $25 extra PER SPOT that was cleaned.  These were not pet stains or stains that truly require any extra processes.  These were your typical spilled soda, coffee, general dirt type stains.  Those should be part of any professional cleaning and not an up-charge.

On top of the spot up-charge, he asked if she wanted him to clean with the “inferior portable carpet cleaning equipment or the truck mounted professional equipment”.  My mouth dropped when I heard this.  Without the tech stating any additional charges and my relative not knowing to ask more questions, my relative said she wanted the best for her home, i.e. the truck mounted cleaning.  That choice alone added an extra $200 to the final bill.

The technician did not advise of any of these up-charges, did not go over the invoice prior to cleaning, and then threatened to turn her in to the police when she refused to pay the bill once she saw it.  I mean, really? The police?  I think this falls under the topic of a hard sell tactic.

In the end, there are several lessons learned by my relative.

  1. She should have asked for final price before he started his cleaning
  2. More questions should have been asked
  3. The tech should have advised the final price BEFORE he started without my relative having to ask.
  4. If a deal seems to good to be true, it probably is

Now to be honest, there are great companies out there that run ads and then once on site, they can provide a good estimate based on what they see.  There are things like deodorizers, carpet protector, pet stain removal, etc… that are valid services and the consumer should be made aware of.  The difference is the customer should be educated about what the products are, what the services will do for the consumer, and the extra charges, if any, PRIOR to any work beginning.  The professional cleaning technician and the customer should go over all the details to make sure there are no hidden fees and the work to be performed is agreed to by both parties.

It is a shame and a disgrace that companies want to rip off consumers.  We all work hard every day to make a living and take care of our families.  We as consumers should not have to worry about being on guard every time we make a purchase.  Our senior citizens should not be taken advantage of.  It is a plague that has taken over and we must do everything we can to educate and protect each other.

At Guardian Carpet Cleaning, rest assured that we will never “rip you off”.  Our professional carpet cleaning technicians are trained to respect our customers, their homes, and their belongings.  Our technicians will inspect your home with you and ask questions along the way to ensure we take care of any issues that are important to you.  They will make recommendations for services if the services are correct for your situation but only after educating you on the benefits of the service.  We will review the invoice with you and ensure there are no surprises prior to any work beginning. In the end, it is your home, your carpet, and your decision about what is the right service for you.  We respect that and will honor your wishes with no hard sell techniques.  We do not expect hard sell techniques from companies that come to our houses and you should not either.

We are a professional company that provides professional services.  For more information about the Guardian cleaning experience, read our page here.

Guardian Carpet Cleaning
83 Pine Grove Rd
Locust Grove, GA 30248

Locally owned and operated.  My family proudly serves the following cities and counties:

Locust Grove, GA, McDonough, GA, Hampton, GA, Jackson, GA, Griffin, GA, Stockbridge, GA, Flovilla Ga, Indian Springs, Jenkinsburg GA

Henry County GA
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Spalding County GA
Clayton County GA

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